PQM Face Masks are proudly manufactured in Jackson Ohio, employing local residents and supporting the community. Through extensive testing our civilian and surgical masks have proven to meet the highest standards and the greatest quality on the market. Buy Masks Made in USA and Support Local.
PQM FreedomAIR Face Masks | Starter Box 25 | Made in USA
from $39.50 $62.50
Starter Box 25
PQM LibertyAIR Surgical Masks | FDA Authorized | Box - 25 Masks
from $56.25
Starter Box 25
PQM FreedomAIR Face Masks | Case (450 Masks) | Made in USA
from $621.00 $1,012.50
Workman's Case (450)
PQM LibertyAIR Healthcare Case
from $913.50
Workman's Case (450)

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