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PQM FreedomAIRTM is a 4 layer Civilian Grade product made right here in Ohio using imported materials, by an American company looking out for the good folks of this country.

Phoenix Quality Manufacturing is proud to manufacture PQM FreedomAIRTM for continental United States businesses and individuals. Take advantage of our limited time launch pricing. You won't be disappointed in these lightweight, quality, American Made non-medical face coverings.

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PQM FreedomAIR Face Masks | Starter Box 25 | Made in USA

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Highly Efficient Filtration | Flat folding design | 4 Fabric Layers which feature elastic ear loop straps and cushioning nose foam with an adjustable metal nosepiece for comfort. Lightweight at less than 5g designed for non-medical civilian application. FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED

This is a Non-Medical Mask. Civilian grade products are not by governing agencies.
Non-medical civilian settings. Non harmful household and environmental dust.
Facility Location
Jackson, Ohio.   DisclaimerAll PQM Products are Made in USA Using Domestic & Imported Materials.
External Layers:  100% Polypropylene (Non-latex) 
Internal Layers:  Non-woven Fabric
Nose Pad:  100% Polyurethane Foam
Earloops:  85% Nylon | 15% Spandex

This product is only available to Continental US Destinations.

Starter Box 25

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WOW! They're American

The monthly subscription is a great idea. I won't have to worry about finding more when I start running low. And it's even better that they are from Ohio.

- Debbie T

Excellent Products

I feel much better wearing one of these and I can have spare ones waiting. PQM FreedomAIRTM products are what they say they are, so I'll be getting a subscription for the whole team to wear at work.

- Luke S

Comfortable. So much better

They are lightweight and much more comfortable to wear at work over long periods. They don't slip like the other ones I've tried.

- Jennifer B


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